Earth Matterz

The Earth Matterz Story

Matter is defined as: 

  • physical substance in general, as distinct from mind and spirit; (in physics) that which occupies space and possesses rest mass, especially as distinct from energy.

  • an affair or situation under consideration; a topic.

  • verb: be of importance; have significance

Our Earth provides us with these tiny beautiful particles, formed into colors, nutrients, and magically healthful sustenance. These little particles make up our Earth, our atmosphere, the tiny bits of information designed to keep us healthy and well. How we treat ourselves and how we treat the Earth matters. Every bit you do matters. How we treat each other, the cells in our body, and the ground we walk on… that matters

Because I want the earth to be better for my son Zane and his generation, I spell Earth Matterz with a Z. The steps we take now impact the planet not just for ourselves but for generations beyond. 

I’ve met so many earth warriors who work so hard and are so concerned about the state of the earth that their own emotional state suffers. They put the issues of the planet ahead of their own. The earth matters… and so do we. We are part of the earth and its health. If we, as people, are suffering… so is the earth. We have to take care of ourselves. 

Farmer David said to me once, “It’s important to remember that what you’re doing is enough.” 

I had been doing so much but believing I needed to do so much more and so much faster.

When we pause to nurture ourselves and acknowledge that every little bit matters, it’s much easier to be present and really do what we can do from a space of connection to the earth and its people. 

I believe that organic food connects us — not only to the Earth, but to each other — anytime we share an apple or bunch of kale with a neighbor, family member, or friend. I remind myself that by the simple fact that I personally know all the farms I work with, I can create more connection in the world. 


And every bit matters. Every small step we take creates peace and hope for a healthier Earth.

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