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Beet Greens!

Last week I asked our members to share with us, what special thing they love to do with beet greens! Nicole loves beet greens, she treats them like swiss chard. I agree, they taste and look a lot like chard!

Here’s her story and photos.

I sautéed the golden beet greens from this bundle last night. Very simple with olive oil, 2 cloves of garlic chopped, 1 teaspoon of ground cumin and salt and pepper to taste. I put the chopped stems first for a few minutes then add the greens, stir and cover for a few min.

To me the beet greens are very similar to Swiss chard. Here is a photo of them with dinner last night and the other photo was from last bundle’s beet greens served with millet and Mung bean curry put in a baked pumpkin from another past bundle. I had just seen a photo of a ying yang from another recipe photo and thought is was fun.

Last night’s greens were served with fried polenta and patty I made with the golden beets, pinto beans, millet and smoked paprika. We usually do this recipe with black beans, red beets and brown rice. They so tasty and are very easy to make and store in the freezer.

And the sauerkraut I made with cabbage and dill from past bundles as well! Yum!

The beet greens are like a special gift! When I get the bundle I see what should be cooked first and start with that plant. Often I cook the beet greens first so I don’t miss out on using them. Of course just chopping up and adding to soup, lentils or even pasta is an easy and tasty way to use them. They make a perfect side dish in my opinion.

Thanks again for your beautiful curation! Always loved farm fresh veggies but never liked going to the farmers market because of limited hours and I get lost in the large selection. So your bundles are really a godsend!

Thank you!


What do you do with your beet greens!? Comment below!

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