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Best Summer Squash Sauce Ever!

This is a sauce with many uses or you can make it as a soup.

When I had this sauce, the flavors stayed with me through the next day. Actually, I’m still dreaming of it right now. The best most wonderful flavors for a summer sauce!

I want to eat this again and again. Once you’ve devoured this sauce, you won’t get tired of zucchini and summer squash this season, and your love and inspiration for it will grow.

Here it is with brown rice pasta.


1 lb. Summer Squash or Zucchini

1 Bunch Basil

Salt (I used Premier Himalayan Salt, it’s a high quality brand and I can taste the difference)

Harissa Powder (add to taste)

Shiso Leaves (or any herb you have, it isn’t necessary but it adds flavor)

Blood Orange Rind

Use any fresh Vegetables to top off the pasta or soup. Just cut a few raw slices of carrots, radish, etc….

1 Bunch of Pearl Onions

Olive Oil

(I also added 2 Dragon Tongue Beans and cooked them in the oil that I cooked the pearl onions in.)

The pearl onions take a little time to caramelize. So start with those. In a pan, add some water and the whole onions. Let it steam until it’s cooked, and then add some oil on very low heat, so they caramelize brown, and flip them over to the other side.

While the onions are cooking and the aroma of the kitchen is cracking open with goodness. Steam about a pound of summer squash with just a little water. Once it’s cooked through, ladle it out with a spoon without getting much water in the blender. Blend the squash with a few leaves of shiso herb or another herb, and Himalayan salt. Place the sauce in a bowl and then stir it with 1 bunch of fresh basil leaves and some harissa powder.

Add some rind of an orange on top, blood orange is best, but use any citrus you have.


Here’s the soup. It’s also great as a sauce to dip veggies in. 🙂


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