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Creamy Borscht Soup

This is my favorite vegan borscht, I’ve made so far!

It’s creamy, with some added chunks.

You can use parsley or dill. I used chives, because that’s what I had.

This is the best recipe if you find yourself with beets piling in the fridge this Winter. The weather is so cold, and that means our seasonal, local, variety isn’t as much as it will be coming soon in March. I had my red beets from two weeks ago, plus the gold beets from this week. Beets last!


2 Servings


1 Bunch of Red Beets

2 little gold beets

Less than a 1/4 head cabbage. I used savoy cabbage.

Less than half an onion

3 garlic cloves

1/2 tsp salt (I used lava salt from Mountain Rose Herbs)

A pinch of red pepper Flakes

1 Blood Orange

2 stalks of celery


Let the beets simmer in a pot of water until you can stick a knife through it easily. Let them cool down a little and then peel off the skin of the beets. I prefer to cook the beets with the skin because it’s easier to slip them off after they’re cooked, rather than peeling them ahead of time.

Set the beets aside. I just put them straight into the blender. Except for the gold beets. Leave enough beets out so that you can chop some chunks and add it to the blended soup at the end.

It’s time to cook the onions, celery, and cabbage. I used 1 tbsp. of vegan butter from Real Food Devotee in a small pot. I started with the onions and garlic, and let them cook until they’re a little brown. Then I added the celery until it was a little soft, and then the cabbage. It only needs to cook down for a minute or two once the cabbage is in the pot.

Add the ingredients in the pot to the blender, with about 2 cups of hot water. Add the salt, chili flakes, and juice of the blood orange, with some orange rind. Any citrus will be fine! I used blood orange because it’s my favorite.

Blend it! 🙂

Then do your magic on top of the soup. I also added coconut yogurt from Real Food Devotee.

The thing about coconut yogurt, is it’s too sour for me. Even though I love sour food. However! When you add the yogurt, mixed in with beet soup, the way the flavors blend with chili flakes and blood orange is absolutely magical!


Have a beautiful soup experience!

~ Kali Star

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