Below are examples of our bundle sizes. Please keep in mind we are a CSA, and we are here to support our local food system, by supporting small local farms. That means sometimes beets will be really big or they might be the yummy smaller ones, as an example. It can vary week to week, and we recommend trying it out for a month before making a decision, so you can really get a sense of the overall benefit of what we provide. You are not obligated to do so, and you are welcome to try out one week if that is your desire. When you participate in our CSA it supports small farms, a healthier Earth, stronger community, and we donate organic produce to The Copper Key, who helps get food to people who have lost their jobs during this time. Thank you for your support, and please feel free to reach out to Kali anytime. 

Please keep in mind our fruit boxes are also seasonal, and during citrus season we just get a lot of citrus. They are wonderful heirloom varieties. Stone fruit will be around in June! That's when we get peaches, plums, nectarines....


 Click here to subscribe, and you will be directed to the software to place your order. Delivery is $5 more, than the price listed. If you pick up at a pick up location, you won't pay the delivery fee. We like keeping our delivery fee low, so if you are able to tip your driver please do. 

We also have several add ons in our store such as honey, eggs, and avocados, and more to come.


Although we do have a small bundle option as well, we highly recommend starting with a full size or bigger as we want you to have the best experience, though we do have the small as an option for those that really want a smaller one. 

Full Size, Mixed Fruit and Veggie, About 7-8 veggies and 2 lbs of fruit. $28

Family Size, mixed fruit and veggie, About 10-11 veggies and 4 lbs of fruit. $38

Large Size, Mixed Fruit and Veggie, 13-15 veggies and 4 lbs of fruit. $48

All Fruit Box, Size Small, 5 lbs Mixed, $15

All Fruit Box, Size Heavy, 10 lbs Mixed, $28

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