Earth Matterz

Our Mission

Welcome to Earth Matterz! 

Our mission is to make healthy organic food available to all! We aim to support local farmers while nourishing, educating, and giving back to our communities. 

We believe that by locally supporting small organic farms, we can make big changes to the earth. Our hope is that, in time, all farming everywhere will be organic. The more we support the efforts of the people who are making the planet a better place, the sooner that will become a reality. 

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Soup Sorceress

Each week, we create delicious homestyle soups using fresh ingredients sourced directly from our weekly bundles. Because our bundles change weekly, so do our soups! 

With Soup Sorceress, we can further support our favorite farms by using the in-season foods they have readily available to create unique, tasty soups that change with the current harvest. 

Our Seasonal Vegan Broth can be found at Erewhon in Calabasas and Soup Sorceress soups can be instantly added to your bundle orders in our online store.


Community Involvement

Adam from New Earth and Kali of Earth Matterz having fun with photos while gathering donation boxes.

We aim to support local farmers while nourishing, educating, and giving back to our communities. We donate produce to different families, groups, and organizations each week, including CCEDLA, Midnight Mission, and New Earth.

By donating produce that we buy directly from local farms, we believe we can make big changes by supporting our farmers and enriching our communities in ways a simple cash donation might fall short.

In the future, we hope to fund more small farms, giving more people opportunities to grow organic fruits and vegetables.