Our Mission

Welcome to Earth Matterz! We believe that by supporting smaller, organic farms, we can make big changes. Our wish is that everyone has access to healthy food, and that in time all farming will simply be organic. The more we support the people who are making the planet a better place, the more that becomes possible. 


We will share news and updates relating to farms, food, and other matters of the earth on our blog! Follow us!

Soup Sorceress evolved from our CSA bundles. The mission with Soup Sorceress is that by having a food product where the ingredients change with every batch, we can support our favorite farms by working with what they have available. Instead of doing the same ingredients and having to source them elsewhere to keep up with demand. The Seasonal Vegan Broth can be seen at Erewhon in Calabasas, and soups are available to add to your order here in our store. 

Community Involvement

Who do we donate to?

We donate produce weekly, to Midnight Mission and New Earth, as well as families in need that some of our delivery drivers know personally. 

We believe that we when we buy extra produce directly from the farms we work with, so that we can make donations, as opposed to only offering money to organizations, that we can make bigger changes.  The more we support our farms, the better it is for our communities. 

This is a picture of Adam from New Earth, and Kali of Earth Matterz, having fun with photos while gathering donation boxes. 

Future Goals

We hope to fund more small farms, giving more people opportunities to grow organic vegetables. 


More Farm videos coming soon…..