• Soup Sorceress

Realities of Organic Farming (Part 1)

Two weeks ago I announced my excitement that we had stone fruit. It was a little later int he year than usual because of the weather. The next week, I got this message from Gene Etheridge, Founder of Etheridge Farms.

"Let your customers know that our area was hammered by thunderstorms, hail, cold weather and excessive rain/winds over the last 2-3 weeks. This has disrupted the ripening process for stone fruit. In fact, our entire Brooks cherry crop was destroyed. This weekend will show extremely low amounts of these products, as a result. You will be getting pink lemonade lemons and new crop Valencia oranges this Sunday. Warm/hot weather has returned this week. We anticipate normal ripening for next weekend (June 16th). At that time, we should have stone fruit again for distribution to your people."

When I picked up the wonderful pink lemons and oranges from Gene, I took a little video of him explaining more. I think it's important to not only share the realities of farming, but maybe there's something we can do to help our organic farmers thrive.

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