Earth Matterz

Policies & Delivery Area

Delivery Locations

We deliver in the greater Los Angeles area. Your delivery day will depend on which area you are in.  Generally, we deliver between 12pm-7pm. LA is unpredictable so deliveries can go later, but we’re usually finished by 6pm. Currently, we’re using a software that texts you a link so that you can check the drivers eta. Wait about half an hour once you get the link, so that you can get a better idea of the eta. This does not include break times.

If you are interested in a group delivery for your staff on Mondays, please call Kali at 310-948-0123.

  • Topanga – Saturdays
  • Malibu- Saturdays
  • Thousand Oaks- Sundays
  • Agoura Hills-Sundays
  • Calabasas – Sundays
  • Woodland Hills-Saturday or Sunday
  • All of the San Fernando Valley- Saturday
  • Canoga Park and Chatsworth-Sunday
  • West Hollywood-Sunday
  • Mid City-Saturday
  • Hollywood-Saturday
  • Downtown LA-Sunday
  • Westside(S.M. Venice, Culver City, Marina, Playa del Rey…)-Saturdays
  • Pasadena-Sunday
  • Glendale_Sunday
  • Burbank-Saturday
  • Some of Malibu (please email to find out if we can deliver to you.)- Sunday

*We have recently added Thousand Oaks and some of Malibu to our delivery zone! Please tell your friends! 

Our pick up locations are in:

Silver Lake

Mid City



Pasadena (small pick up, please email Kali to request pick up here.)

In general our pick up locations are easy, in that they are on porches, so if you pick up late, you’re ok, so long as you pick up quietly. 🙂 Though, if it’s the next day, your order will be donated.

Deadlines for Order Placement, Changes, Cancellations, and Holds

Due to COVID-19, we are asking that you please make changes to your orders by Monday so that we can best prepare for your order. Officially, orders, additions, deletions, or changes must be made anytime Tuesday, or at the latest Wednesday before noon. If you make a change after this deadline, it won’t apply until the following week. Your card will be charged automatically Wednesday at noon. If something comes up and you need to leave town last minute, let us know if you want us to deliver to one of your friend or family members, as long as it’s in our delivery area. Let us know earliest you can on Friday, so that we can make the adjustment to the route. The other option is to add it to our donations, and it will put a big smile on someones face! See our mission page for more info. 

You’re very welcome to text me if you need help, and are unable to make changes on your own. Emails may not reach me before the deadline.  I often have my hands busy with food and farms, but my phone is with me. (310) 948-0123

To place a hold: Log in, select the date on your calendar, and click on the button “Hold Delivery”. You can hold deliveries well in advance if you already know the dates you’ll be out of town. I can also release holds before the deadline if you change your mind. 

To cancel the subscription: Click on cancel. You may also text or email me (before the deadline) if that is easier. You will be able to resubscribe at any time without having to enter your information again. 

If you are changing the size of your bundle, please change the size rather than make a new subscription. Or you’ll have two subscriptions. 

There is a $30 charge for any chargebacks! If someone else handles your accounts, please make sure they know that Soup Sorceress is the DBA on the account for your Earth Matterz and/or Soup delivery.

Season Commitments

We do not require a commitment to an entire season. You are charged week by week, and may cancel any time before the weekly deadline. Your card will be charged automatically on Wednesday morning or Thursday morning depending which delivery day you’re on. 

If you missed the deadline but will be out of town, you may elect to donate your delivery to our non-profit partners. Our current donation partners are listed on the Mission page. If you have a friend or family member in our delivery area, you may have your delivery sent there instead. Please text AND email by the Friday before delivery to ensure that we are able to deliver to them! Thursday is better, but we can make it work if you let us know by Friday.

Boxes & Bags

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, we are not taking back reusable bags or boxes. We are using recyclable paper bags instead. Please do not return them. This is until further notice. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When is the produce harvested? 

A: Produce is harvested a day or two before our first delivery on Saturday. We pick up the same morning that we pack your delivery and deliver the same day. We do not rely on warehouses in which the produce could potentially be stored for weeks, being sprayed to last longer. In summertime, greens may at times wilt quicker. This is especially true for delicate ones like arugula. If you place them in ice cold water when you receive them, it will crisp up your veggies beautifully!

Q: What if I get a weird piece of fruit or vegetable?

A: Since these fruits & vegetables are straight from the farms, they are not going to be perfectly uniform like in a grocery store. If you receive an especially abnormal piece, however, please let me know! I am happy to give you something extra on the next delivery or a partial credit. It is common, at the end of the season, for fruit to not last as long as when they are in mid season, so please keep that in mind, and keep your fruit in the fridge. It’s just a sign that a new season is coming! 

Q: Can I tip the driver? 

A: Yes, please! Our drivers work hard to bring your produce to your door. Your tips help us keep the delivery fee low. Due to no-contact delivery, you may send tips via Venmo. kali-star or add them to your order as an add on in the store.