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“I Never Knew I Would Be This Excited About Vegetables”

Jamie said as we bundled together some produce to take photos during a busy morning of packing.

“What do you mean?” I said

“I just never knew!”

It was such an innocent remark but so meaningful. How many times have I looked at these wonderful, colorful, vibrant, full of energy, incredibly healthy vegetables from the best farmers and felt the same way. Here is Jamies post about her first experience with us. We’ll hear a lot more from her, as I’ve brought her on as a co-writer in this blog.

Jamie’s Story

In my 27 years of life, not once did I think I’d become absolutely giddy at the sight of beautiful,
organic, and locally sourced fruits and vegetables organized into neat rows of paper bags. But I also never
thought I’d live in a time where the world is facing a health crisis with a quarantine underway
compounded by an overwhelming call to action in the form of country-wide protests calling for justice
and police reform in response to the murder of George Floyd under the knee of a white cop. And yet, here
we are.
It is with this in mind that I take on this new position of sharing my thoughts on this wonderful
company, how we fit into a changing world, and the role we play in bettering the lives of those we serve.
Earth Matterz is a company that shares the values I do. It’s what drew me to them. At Earth Matterz,
value is placed on nourishing our community by bringing folks locally grown organic fruits and
vegetables by partnering with small, certified organic, local farms to share the- quite literal- fruits of their
labors. Value is placed in connection-whether you’re connecting with family and friends during this
heated time, connecting with your mind and your health, or by extension, connecting with the Earth in
order to serve all of these needs. For myself, there is value in appreciating small moments of beauty like a
bag full of produce. Like my friend Carl wrote- “Find moments of peace while you can and keep them for
the moments to come.”
On Friday, May 29, 2020, amid an ongoing global pandemic, multiple city-wide curfews, and the
recent arrival of the National Guard in Santa Monica, our Earth Matterz drivers were out making
deliveries anyways.
Crises find their way into our everyday lives in ways both big and small, regardless of whether or
not we are directly affected. So, in this moment in our history, we must look inward at what we value as a
society and as individual human beings. We must constantly discuss, educate, listen, empathize, and
prepare to change the things that are broken because, as we know, there is much that is broken in
America. There is much that needs to be addressed and changed so that marginalized and targeted groups
feel and are supported, important, and equal, because we cannot go on as we have.
In these times, I find excitement in change for the better. There is innate good in the Earth- we

bring it to you in varying shapes and colors in brown paper bags. There is also innate good on the Earth-
the people who push through when times are tough; those who stand for change and progress in the face

of hate and violence.

Until Next Time,


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