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Your CSA has been game changing for me this year. I was already plant based but now I am plant based in a whole different way. My favorite part had been exposure to things I never would have bought on my own. 
Wishing you well,
Thank you so much for all you do and your passion for a better planet. Earth Matterz has been a huge positive for me in this crazy year. In all my decades of being alive,
I can’t believe there were so many new-to-me fruits and vegetables. I’ve had so much fun learning about, tasting and preparing these farm box surprises. Every Saturday
is like a surprise party. I get to open my Earth Matterz delivery and see what’s in there. This may be silly, but I never peek at the email list of foods you send until after I see

them for myself. It’s a highlight of my week. Thank you so much for these moments of joy and for connecting me with these amazing small farms.

With true appreciation,

Michele Miles Gardiner

We love Earth Matterz! Every week we look forward to seeing what is in the box of delicious, seasonal, local vegetables and eggs. Everything is so much tastier than vegetables from Whole Foods or other fancy markets. A basic green salad made from Earth Matterz veggies is a gourmet treat. The carrots are so flavorful, the lettuce is so delicate, and the snap peas are like candy. 

Thank you to the earth-and to Earth Matterz-for this bounty!

Alisa Hartz

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