What Will Your Bundle Contain?

The truth is that it varies! Each season has its own vegetables and fruits, and even within the season there will be variety in what we are able to get from our small farms. CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) is intended to connect farmers to consumers, and support the farms by working with what they have available.  

There also will be some variety from week to week in the size of the individual items. One week the beets may be really BIG for cooking, and then the next week it may be that the beets are smaller snack size. There is similar variety in other fruits and veggies as well. Try us out for a full month to experience a good sampling of what we are able to offer! 

Since we are in Southern California and only buy from local farms, during citrus season we just get a lot of citrus for the fruit portion of our boxes. Stone fruit comes in around June. This includes peaches, plums, nectarines, and more. 

There are add-ons in our store that change from time to time – honey, eggs, avocados, sourdough, chocolate, etc. Feel free to add and subtract from week to week! 

We recommend starting with a full sized bundle or larger to get the best experience. 

Example Bundles

Small Mixed Fruit & Veggie $22.50 plus $5 for home delivery

It’s best to try the full or bigger sizes first. The small size might be phasing out of our options soon. 

Full Size Mixed Fruit & Veggie $28 plus $5 for delivery. 

About 7 types of vegetables and up to 2 lbs of fruit. Each vegetable is generally 1 lb or 1 bunch.

Family Size mixed Fruit & Veggie $38 plus $5 for delivery

About 10-11 types of vegetables and 3 lbs of fruit, or 2 lbs of fruit and strawberries or melon.

Large Size Mixed Fruit & Veggie $48 plus $5 for delivery

About 13-15 types of vegetables and 3-4 lb of fruit, or 2 lbs of fruit and strawberries.

Veggie Only Bundle

This bundle is the same as the full mixed fruit and veggie, without the fruit, and 2 veggies added. $28 plus $5 for delivery.  


Small Fruit Only $15 plus $5 for delivery

Approximately 4-5lbs of fruit depending on what’s in season. This option can also be added as an add on to your veggie bundle. 

Heavy Fruit Only, $28 plus $5 for home delivery

About 8-10 lbs of fruit OR 7-8lb of fruit + strawberries or melon when in season.