Earth Matterz

Fresh organic fruits and vegetables from small local farms — delivered to your front door!

Earth Matterz is a subscription-based CSA delivery and pick-up service based in the greater Los Angeles area. 

Our mission is to make healthy organic food available to all. We aim to support local farmers while nourishing, educating, and giving back to our communities. Learn more.

Curious what might be in your bundle next week? Check out our YouTube channel featuring past bundles.

Our Farmers

Tutti Frutti Farm

Certified Organic

Pedro's Ranch

Certified Organic

Etheridge Farm

Certified Organic

The Garden Of

Certified Organic

Apricot Lane Farms

Certified Organic and Biodynamic

Roots Farm

Certified Organic

County Line Harvest

Certified Organic

Sunrise Organic Farm

Certified Organic

Frecker Farms

Certified Organic 

Plumcot Farm

Certified Organic

"We love Earth Matterz! Every week we look forward to seeing what is in the box of delicious, seasonal, local vegetables and eggs. Everything  is so much tastier than vegetables from Whole Foods or other fancy markets. A basic green salad made from Earth Matterz veggies is a gourmet treat. The carrots are so flavorful, the lettuce is so delicate, and the snap peas are like candy. Thank you to the earth-and to Earth Matterz-for this bounty!"

Alisa Hartz

Local Farms, Small Businesses

All of our products are carefully sourced to ensure that we are providing you with the best fruit & veggie boxes. With 8 years of experience, we are confident that you will also love the farms & businesses that we have chosen to support.